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About Us

About Us



Pine Ridge Elementary School District is a small single-school district serving a Sierra Nevada Mountain community located approximately 45 miles east of Fresno, California.

In the late 1800s, an old two-room building was taken over to become the first schoolhouse in the Shaver Lake/Pine Ridge area called Pine Ridge School. It began with a few old desks, a dictionary and a pipe organ. Pine Ridge School serviced the children of families who logged the mountain area for lumber. The original building has since been replaced with newer facilities. We believe our location has become a center point for community activities.

Unlike many districts in California, the funding source is generated by local property taxes. When this amount exceeds the revenue limit calculation, it results in a financial label called Basic Aid. This type of funding affords our students necessary supplies, equipment and technology.

The school provides educational services to K-8 students, utilizing nine certificated teachers, six support staff, part-time classroom aides, and one administrator. We pride ourselves on our 13:1 student to teacher ratio. It is our goal to maintain our small classroom averages.

The five-member Board of Trustees has a clear and focused vision for the school that centers on student safety with high achievement. At Pine Ridge, we are extremely proud of all our students and consider our school a wonderful place for learners to acquire a new level of pride, respect, and success -- PRS.

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